Wicken on Friday evening

I paid a visit to Wicken Fen on Friday evening – it was such a lovely day I wanted to get out and away from a computer for a while. And with my NTS membership card it’s free to get in.

Let’s cut to the punchline – we saw a male Hen Harrier twice. Twice, briefly and not very close, but we saw one in the gathering dusk. Yippee!

And there were Marsh Harriers, a Barn owl, Cetti’s Warblers (singing), a male Stonechat flycatching from a pole in the middle of a reedbed and more. But the star was the Hen Harrier (even though a shared flapjack came close).

He will be heading to the hills soon, and some Hen Harriers will be skydancing already. Let’s hope they don’t choose grouse moors!


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