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Silencing opposing views a concept more dangerous than global warming –

I remember a great bumper sticker that read, “Insanity is contagious. You can catch it from your children.”

Well, now adults can become “snowflakes” like today’s pitifully fragile students. The letter, “The Day shouldn’t provide forum for any climate-change deniers,” (Feb. 15), opposing the printing of dissent over warming fears is alarming. Our society nobly bans many kinds of hurtful and dangerous speech, yet we still protect the freedom of even wild or ignorant opinions. What is far more dangerous than any individual utterance is a self-appointed elite that believes its own views must command absolute and total acceptance.

Science is “historical,” meaning that it is almost always wrong until it is right. It is too soon for the world to know if today’s warm-mongers are right or if they are the kin of flat-Earthers or vampire-phobic peasants (long a viral fear all over the Balkans). Perhaps our newspapers could provide safe spaces for fact-o-phobic readers by confining the opinions of the few of us deplorables who can read and write to a back page below the fold and headed with a bold “trigger warning.”

If The Day ever bans conservative dissent, it will have become worse than useless. 

Lee D. Vincent


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