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Climate Change Stokes Mayhem in Several Ways

Three outcomes could follow if climate change stokes mayhem, conflict, and violence.  It might be helpful to think about the strains to come.

Syria: Glimpse of the future as rapid climate change continues? (Image Credit: Ahmed Abu Hameeda on Unsplash) Click to Enlarge.

Stand by for long hot summers marked by riot and racial tension.  As climate change stokes mayhem, global warming is likely to see a direct rise in human irritability.

Climate change accompanied by natural disaster such as flood or drought could lead to harvest failure and food and water shortages for which people must compete.

And the same natural disasters could lead to a generation of babies, children and adolescents more likely, because of disadvantage and deprivation, to become more prone to violence in adulthood.

Researchers in the US have been thinking carefully about the links between climate change and conflict.  This, they write in Current Climate Change Reports, has a long history, and a huge range of studies have addressed the hazard.

And they see more civic strife and conflict on the way.  Some of it is likely to involve climate refugees, or ecological migrants: persons driven from their homes by climate change.  The steady rise in global temperatures could also help incubate the conditions for global terrorism.

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