Dave Larison: Global warming ‘crisis’ is one of greatest false narratives – Longmont Times-Call

Truth be known, there are tens of thousands of scientists including myself who do not believe the minuscule amount of CO2 produced by human activity is sufficient to change the powerful energy balance of Earth’s atmosphere. Did you know that the often quoted “97 percent” figure was actually derived from 75 of 77 climate “scientists” who answered yes to a survey question favoring human-caused warming?

A leading public spokesman for climate truth is Marc Morano of ClimateDepot.com, author of the best-selling book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.” Meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell.com is also very good. One of the best online blogs is co2islife.wordpress.com. Of course, no one articulates better on this topic than Rush Limbaugh, and thankfully President Trump is on board as well.

The man-made global warming “crisis” is one of the great false narratives of our time. As vividly revealed by the Green New Deal, it’s a de facto power play by environmentalists and the far left to further gain economic and social control of our lives.

Dave Larison



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