Trump blocks Isis member from returning to US – live

Guardian political correspondent Lauren Gambino with more on Bernie Sanders’ big day.

Bernie’s having a big week. Yuuuge, you might say.

After raising more than $6m in just over 24 hours, the Vermont senator on Wednesday jumped to the top of the fourth presidential straw poll by progressive website, Daily Kos.

About 56,000 people responded to the latest poll, which happen every two weeks. This is significant because the women of the Senate, some of Sanders’ fiercest competition for the nomination, were ahead in the first three straw polls, which in one survey found Sanders behind vice president Joe Biden, the closest the field may have to an establishment backed moderate.

In the 24-hour poll, which coincided with Sanders’ launch, his standing rose from 13% in two weeks ago to 44%, while Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren round out the top three with 15% and 10% respectively, according to the survey results.

In as much as any poll can reveal at this point, it’s another sign that Sanders has maintained significant grassroots support. The question is whether his loyal base is strong enough to withstand the competition for many of his supporters.

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