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Open Forum: Can capitalism survive global warming? – The Winchester Star

Think carefully — freedom hangs in the balance

President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on Friday may very well open a can of worms …

Once back in power, the Left will then inherit this precedent and use it to declare their own “Climate Change Emergency” and the Green New Deal (or something like it) will be advanced to set strict and far-reaching regulations which will affect every aspect of our lives … not the least of which, our freedom.

Free market capitalism has brought the United States and, indeed the entire world a level of freedom, prosperity, and technological advancement the likes of which have never been seen in human history — and, given the long history of the world, in a relatively very short span of time. Even the poorest of nations have benefited in some part from capitalism, either directly by economic development , or indirectly from the immense wealth and ultimate philanthropy that it generates. Capitalism at its core thrives on free choice, innovation, competition, and entrepreneurship. But the down-side is that it is like the Wild West — dirty, rowdy and unpredictable. And global climate-change advocates would like to rein it in.

Certainly, air and water pollution as well as the wasting of our natural resources are travesties which must be confronted by a reasonable, responsible and caring, world. And if it is to be taken seriously, the battle against global climate change will require a gargantuan global effort. Coordination amongst the major countries of the world to limit carbon emissions would merely be the tip of the iceberg. Control over nearly every facet of our daily lives would be the ultimate goal — automobile use, vacation time, electricity usage, water intake, waste production, and on and on.

There is literally no limit to the sacrifices to be made at the altar of the Global Warming God.

As a physician, I have been trained diligently in the sciences. Having published several peer-reviewed scientific articles throughout my career, I hold a thorough understanding of the “scientific method.”

And through years of experience I have also developed a healthy skepticism over new scientific breakthroughs, knowing full well that over time, many such breakthroughs are proven illegitimate.

Such is my stance on anthropogenic climate change — that of an educated skeptic, not as a Neanderthal denier.

Ultimately, we as a nation, and indeed the entire world, will have to make a choice: Which deity shall we genuflect to? — Global Warming, or the Capitalist Dollar?

Whichever we choose, our way of life, and moreover, our very freedom hangs in the balance.

Dr. Alan J. Fink, M.D., is a resident of Winchester.

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