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6000th blog post

I couldn’t let the moment pass without marking the fact that this is this blog’s 6000th post.

And, with all respect to Paul Leyland and the marvellous image with interesting words coming up here at 6pm, I did want a landmark post to be written by me.

From the very first blog post, which rather set the tone, and the very first guest blog announcing my ‘death’ (whatever happened to Mr White and Reservoir Cats?) it has been a wonderful journey – and still is.

Several books, several e-petitions, several legal challenges, several Hen Harrier days and 5,999 posts later I’m still standing and so is this Standing up for Nature blog. And this week I launched Wild Justice with two people who have been walking similar journeys and walking closer and closer together as the years have passed. Now, at least in Wild Justice, we are walking in step.

I can’t imagine that there is anyone out there who read all 6000 blog posts which have appeared here – does anyone claim they have? But I’m sure there are quite a few who have read more than half of them – what stamina!

But there might be a person or two for whom this post, this 6000th post, is the first here that they have encountered. To you – welcome! If you are interested in environmental issues, particularly those concerning wildlife, and most particularly those concerning UK wildlife, then you might want to join us for the second 6000 posts here.


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