Wild Justice website up and running again

After a day and a bit of being off-line the Wild Justice website came back to life again yesterday.

You can access the site at wildjustice.org.uk .

Thank you for your patience.

The best way to keep in touch with Wild Justice is to subscribe to our newletter. You can do this through the orange box at the bottom of the ABOUT page https://wildjustice.org.uk/about/ Over 1000 people have already subscribed successfully (and we’re sorry about the error message that some of you saw but that is fixed now) but some of you have got half way there! What do I mean half way? Well, when you enter your email address and name you will be sent a confirmation email on which you have to click to confirm that you really want to be subscribed (and to ensure that someone else can’t sign you up to things against your will).

These confirmation emails are tricky things! They sometimes dawdle in getting to you and sometimes they are fast as lightening – keep an eye out for yours! Sometimes they hide (in your spam or junk mail box) and you have to search them out. And we think that a few may not arrive at all but it’s difficult to know because some certainly take 24 hours to arrive and the ones that haven’t arrived yet may still be plodding through the ether!

We can see how many people have got half way through the system and how many have got all the way through and we’ll be monitoring this over the weekend. We’ll take stock on Sunday. But we think that a good look through your Inbox and Junk/Spam folder will unmask many of those confirmation emails and it’s as simple as that. Many thanks for your patience and, there are a lot of you who have already subscribed perfectly easily – we just don’t want anyone to miss out!

And we will send out our first brief newsletter on Sunday evening.

Thank you for all your support – it has been very encouraging. And thank you to the several hundred of you who have donated to help us pay our bills – you’ve been very generous.

I’ll probably give you an update, here, later today and again on Sunday. Thank you.

Mark (on behalf of Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay, Wild Justice)


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