Wild Justice – thank you for clicking!

I’ve spent time in the garden, some time birdwatching and some time in front of the TV today.

But I’ve also been watching the number of subscribers to the Wild Justice newsletter steadily mounting through the day.

I’ve also been sending emails to folk who are still in the ‘Confirmation Pending’ category in our records asking them to have a look for a confirmation email from Wild Justice in order to receive the first of our newsletters tomorrow evening. This has certainly had some impact as the number of ‘Confirmation Pending’ people has fallen a lot (despite the fact that more and more people are subscribing all the time.

I haven’t done any analysis on this, but I have stared at a computer screen with lists of names quite a lot, and it looks to me as though @gmail.com email addresses are particularly likely not to have been confirmed. I can understand that as I overlooked some confirmation emails that I received on @gmail accounts that I had used for testing the system for quite a while! I had used the email addresses for testing many times and the confirmation emails always appeared in the Inbox. And then some went astray into the Spam box – and I didn’t spot that for a while (partly because the spam email box is hidden on some @gmail accounts unless you make sure it is in view).

So, do check your Junk and Spam boxes as well as your Inbox. Why not do that now as the weather forecast looks good for tomorrow and you’ll want to be out hoping to see your first Brimstone of the year or doing things in the garden.


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