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SERIS partners Ruxing Technology to enable above 24 percent low-cost monoPoly™ solar cell production

SERIS, a world-leading solar cell research institute, and Guangzhou Ruxing Technology Development Company Ltd., a market-leading manufacturer of metallisation pastes for PV products, have signed a collaboration agreement to accelerate the development of commercial metallisation pastes to enable low-cost, mass production of above 24% monoPoly™ solar cells.

Over the past 15 months, SERIS and its industry partners have been fine-tuning SERIS’ proprietary monoPoly™ passivated-contact solar cell technology platform for mass production, with average solar cell efficiency range of 23.0% to 23.5% and 60-cells module power above 330 Watt. With Ruxing Technology’s expertise in developing specialised, production-ready metallisation pastes, SERIS expects to increase the average efficiencies of monoPoly™ solar cells to the 23.5% to 24.0% range and module power beyond 345 W.

Dr. Shubham Duttagupta, Deputy Director of SERIS’ Silicon Materials and Cells Cluster said, “Having the right industry partners has been critical in enabling the rapid commercialisation of our monoPoly™ technology, so we are very pleased to add Ruxing Technology, a market and technology leader, as a strategic metallisation paste partner to accelerate both technical improvements and industrial implementation of this game-changing technology.”

Shan Xu, President of Ruxing Technology, said, “We stay committed to providing our customers with the best metallisation paste products to stay ahead of the technology and cost-reduction curve. After the success of our market-leading aluminium paste and back silver paste in enabling PERC technology in mass production, we are confident that we will once again deliver the right products to enable monoPoly™ solar cells to enter mass production.”

SERIS CEO, Prof. Armin Aberle added, “We are thankful for the unwavering trust and strong support from our industry partners, and this collaboration with Ruxing Technology is another testament to SERIS’ long-standing commitment to develop industry-relevant technology solutions that help our partner manufacturers to stay competitive in the cut-throat solar industry.”

The monoPoly™ technology platform is a low-cost option to enhance PERC production line performance, requiring only one tool upgrade for most PERC production lines and having one production process step less than a standard PERC production process. With only seven process steps, monoPoly™ solar cells produce superior cell and module power as well as better tolerance to PID and LID compared to PERC solar cells. SERIS expects at least 3 GW of monoPoly™ production capacity to be installed in 2019


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