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Wild Justice first case…

Chris Packham should be on Good Morning Britain talking about Wild Justice at 06:50 this morning. He tells me he apologises for sniffling – he’s got a bug.

And the Wild Justice website is temporarily down too – it has a few glitches and needs a bit of technical fiddling. Maybe it caught something from Chris? We are told that it will be back up and running later today – let’s hope it’s soon because it was very popular yesterday.

But in any case, our solicitors at Leigh Day sent a Pre Action Protocol letter to a public body yesterday. This is the first stage in seeking leave for a judicial review of a public body’s decision. The other side has 14 days to respond and then Chris, Ruth and I, advised by our legal team, will have to decide whether to go for it. If we do then we’ll be fundraising for that case, if we don’t then we’ll move on to the next project on our list. Yes, we have a list!

Thanks for everyone’s support yesterday – it was quite a day. Today might be a little quieter.


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