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Tesla releases new 'dog mode' for pet owners

Dog owners who enjoy taking their pups for a ride, but worry about leaving them alone in the car during a quick dash to the store, have a new best friend in Tesla.

The automaker released the latest software update for its fleet of electric vehicles that, among other useful features, includes a new option called “Dog Mode.” As shown in the video below, enabling this feature via the vehicle’s touchscreen allows you to set an internal vehicle temperature for your dog and a message for curious passersby worried about their safety.

Like other features the company has integrated into their vehicles, the idea behind dog mode came not from Tesla, but from a customer. Last October, Josh Atchley tweeted to Musk asking if some kind of custom message, temperature control, and even music could be played while dogs were left alone in a vehicle. Musk’s response was a simple: “Yes.”

Should the vehicle’s battery drop below 20 percent, owners will receive a text notifying them to return immediately. The company is also quick to add that customers should check local rules for leaving pets unattended before using the new feature.

The new update will be rolling out to Model 3 cars today, followed later by Model S and Model X vehicles built after August 2017.

Tesla releases new ‘dog mode’ for pet owners

Clever new option from Tesla prevents your dogs from getting too hot and also informs curious passersby of your imminent return.

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