New research, February 4-10, 2019

Posted on 14 February 2019 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change mitigation

Upscaling from the grassroots: potential aggregate carbon reduction from community-based initiatives in Europe

Climate change communication

An assessment of public perceptions of climate change risk in three western US cities

Climate change perceptions and their individual-level determinants: A cross-European analysis

The psychological contamination of pro-environmental consensus: Political pressure for environmental belief agreement undermines its long-term power

The gateway belief model: A large-scale replication

Improving climate change literacy and promoting outreach in an undergraduate atmospheric sciences program (open access)

Consultants and the business of climate services: implications of shifting from public to private science

Climate Policy

Unveiling the heterogeneous effect of energy taxes and income on residential energy consumption

Growth potential for CO2 emissions transfer by tariff reduction (open access)

Energy production

From Paris to practice: sustainable implementation of renewable energy goals (open access)

Performance of markets for European renewable energy certificates (open access)

Social embeddedness of policy actors. The failure of consumer-owned wind energy in Finland

An historical political economy analysis and review of Texas oil and gas well flaring laws and policy

Satellite‐observed Changes in Mexico’s Offshore Gas Flaring Activity Linked to Oil/gas Regulations

Characterizing population exposure to coal emissions sources in the United States using the HyADS model

A supra-national TSO to enhance offshore wind power development in the Baltic Sea? A legal and regulatory analysis (open access)

Siting deep geothermal energy: Acceptance of various risk and benefit scenarios in a Swiss-German cross-national study

Emission savings

Missed carbon emissions from forests: comparing countries’ estimates submitted to UNFCCC to biophysical estimates (open access)

Calculating CO2 avoidance costs of Carbon Capture and Storage from industry

Greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector: a case study of Rawalpindi in Pakistan

Determining China’s CO2 emissions peak with a dynamic nonlinear artificial neural network approach and scenario analysis

Voluntary sustainability standards could significantly reduce detrimental impacts of global agriculture

The Significance of Incorporating Unidentified Vessels into AIS-based Ship Emission Inventory

Dynamic carbon emission linkages across boundaries (open access)

LZCGT impact on GHG reductions in Scotland’s new domestic buildings

Energy efficiency and energy justice for U.S. low-income households: An analysis of multifaceted challenges and potential

Understanding the energy intensity change in China’s food industry: A comprehensive decomposition method

Carbon flow and management in regional rice production in Thailand


Public support for carbon dioxide removal strategies: the role of tampering with nature perceptions

Quantifying the effects of solar geoengineering on vegetation

Climate change

Distinctive evolutions of Eurasian warming and extreme events before and after global warming would stabilize at 1.5°C (open access)

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Impact of climate change on precipitation patterns in Houston, Texas, USA

What Formed the North-South Contrasting Pattern of Summer Rainfall Changes over Eastern China?

Extreme events

How much of Typhoon Morakot’s extreme rainfall is attributable to anthropogenic climate change?

Spatial and temporal patterns of drought in Oklahoma (1901 to 2014)

Quantifying Flood Vulnerability Reduction via Private Precaution (open access)

A Coherent Statistical Model for Coastal Flood Frequency Analysis under Nonstationary Sea Level Conditions (open access)

High-Impact Extratropical Cyclones along the Northeast Coast of the United States in a Long Coupled Climate Model Simulation

Simulated ENSO’s impact on tropical cyclone genesis over the western North Pacific in CMIP5 models and its changes under global warming

Forcings and feedbacks

Very strong atmospheric methane growth in the four years 2014‐2017: Implications for the Paris Agreement (open access)

Cloud cover feedback moderates Fennoscandian summer temperature changes over the past 1000 years

Updates of HITRAN spectroscopic database from 2008 to 2016 and implications for near‐infrared radiative transfer calculations

Variation in MERRA-2 aerosol optical depth and absorption aerosol optical depth over China from 1980 to 2017


Pacific Ocean Variability Influences the Time of Emergence of a Seasonally Ice‐Free Arctic Ocean

Influence of Arctic Sea‐Ice Loss in Autumn Compared to that in Winter on the Atmospheric Circulation

Moisture transport in observations and reanalyses as a proxy for snow accumulation in East Antarctica (open access)

Four decades of Antarctic surface elevation changes from multi-mission satellite altimetry (open access)

Response of early winter haze in the North China Plain to autumn Beaufort sea ice (open access)

The effects of enhanced sea ice export from the Ross Sea on recent cooling and freshening of the Southeast Pacific (open access)


Attribution of global soil moisture drying to human activities: a quantitative viewpoint

A global assessment of terrestrial evapotranspiration increase due to surface water area change (open access)

Atmospheric Rivers Increase Future Flood Risk in Western Canada’s Largest Pacific River

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Intensification of El Niño rainfall variability over the tropical Pacific in the slow oceanic response to global warming

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Increased global land carbon sink due to aerosol‐induced cooling

Wintertime fCO2 variability in the subpolar North Atlantic since 2004

Influence of Atmospheric Transport on Estimates of Variability in the Global Methane Burden

Zero to moderate methane emissions in a densely rooted, pristine Patagonian bog – biogeochemical controls as revealed from isotopic evidence (open access)

Carbon balance of a restored and cutover raised bog: implications for restoration and comparison to global trends (open access)

CO2 dynamics are strongly influenced by low frequency atmospheric pressure changes in semiarid grasslands

Elephants limit aboveground carbon gains in African savannas

Climate change impacts 


Does climate change influence people’s migration decisions in Maldives? (open access)

Droughts, livelihoods, and human migration in northern Ethiopia

Managed retreat as a strategy for climate change adaptation in small communities: public health implications

Climate‐Induced Changes in the Risk of Hydrological Failure of Major Dams in California

Impacts of climate change on water resources availability in Zambia: implications for irrigation development

Rice production and climate change in Northeast China: evidence of adaptation through land use shifts (open access)

Nitrogen application is required to realize wheat yield stimulation by elevated CO2 but will not remove the CO2‐induced reduction in grain protein concentration

Different effects of alpine woody plant expansion on domestic and wild ungulates

How does climate change adaptation affect public budgets? Development of an assessment framework and a demonstration for Austria (open access)

A three-tier risk assessment process for climate change adaptation at a local scale (open access)

Climate shock adaptation for Kenyan maize-legume farmers: choice, complementarities and substitutions between strategies


Recent loss of sensitivity to summer temperature constrains tree growth synchrony among boreal Eurasian forests

Spring- and fall-flowering species show diverging phenological responses to climate in the Southeast USA (open access)

Evaluating ecosystem effects of climate change on tropical island streams using high spatial and temporal resolution sampling regimes

Interactive effects of global warming and eutrophication on a fast-growing Mediterranean seagrass

Richness of plant communities plays a larger role than climate in determining responses of species richness to climate change

Long‐term dietary shift and population decline of a pelagic seabird—A health check on the tropical Atlantic? (open access)

The individual and combined effects of snowmelt timing and frost exposure on the reproductive success of montane forbs

Divergent responses to climate change and disturbance drive recruitment patterns underlying latitudinal shifts of tree species

Other papers


Additive effects of climate change and human hunting explain population decline and extinction in cave bears

Climate changes in the Eastern Mediterranean over the last 5000 years and their links to the high-latitude atmospheric patterns and Asian monsoons

Enabling possibilities to quantify past climate from fossil assemblages at a global scale

Multi-trace-element sea surface temperature coral reconstruction for the southern Mozambique Channel reveals teleconnections with the tropical Atlantic (open access)

A multi-model analysis of ‘Little Ice Age’ climate over China

Consequences of climatic thresholds for projecting fire activity and ecological change 

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