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Guest blogs – don’t you just love them? I do, they save me some work and help create a diverse series of views on this blog (as do those who comment here). In the last 10 days I’ve been able to publish four varied and excellent guest blogs. I’d like to thank all four authors – they are all welcome to write here again. But what about you – when are you going to dare to send me a guest blog? Here are some simple guidelines.

Derek Gow’s guest blog at the beginning of last week was amazing. I thought so when I read it and it seems that you did too. It attracted an almost record number of ‘likes’ and an almost record number of page views for a single blog post here – well over 5000 and still rising.

It attracted comments, either here or on social media from many people including the President of the NFU (Twitter) and best-selling author James Rebanks (here). I thought that James’s comment on Derek’s tone was amusing – based on my reading of his own book it sounded a bit like pots and kettles to me. But feisty comments are welcome here.

I gather that some doors have potentially opened for Derek through his guest blog here – that gives me a lot of pleasure.

Kerri ni Dochartaigh’s guest blog was in a completely different style but equally a great read.

And I loved the way that she praised Mary Colwell’s book on the Curlew.

I gather that potential opportunities have opened up for Kerri too as a result of the bit of exposure that this blog gave her.

A blog from a pro-shooting organisation isn’t a first on this blog, and I’d be happy to publish more of them, but it is somewhat unusual. I’m grateful to Caroline Bedell of BASC for her response to an earlier, very short, blog post of my own.

I think it was fair enough for people to bang on about lead ammunition in the comments, but perhaps not enough credit was given to BASC and Caroline for turning up here in the first place. I for one welcomed their appearance and would welcome them back again on other topics.


I enjoyed Shaun Spiers’s guest blog on Brexitish subjects. And it was perfectly fair for him to attempt to have a pop at me since I had had a pop at the NGO movement.

I remain of the view that the NGO movement has had pitifully little influence on any of the outcomes so far. They are confusing access to government with influence on government. And, as a member of several of the oragnisations which comprise Greener UK, I have been unimpressed by how much I’ve been told about this ultra-powerful alliance and its great victories until I gave them a bit of a poke. And I know I am not alone – not alone in the very organisations that are members of Greener UK. A very senior member of one of them contacted me to say that Shaun was wrong, and I was right, yesterday evening.

But the debate is welcome and I respect Shaun for many reasons – which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t ever talk nonsense though. And ‘grand’? Not me! And ‘retired’? Not me!

These four guest blogs set a high, slightly scary, perhaps, standard for others to follow but many voices, including ones disagreeing with my views, are welcome here. Thank you to these four authors for making the last 10 days rather good ones for this blog.


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