OFSDS Weekly Update (2/8)

We are having the winter of rain…cold rain….and more rain.

New to the Gardens

  • Albus – a chihuahua
To Forever Foster
  • Lexi   ☺
  • Annabelle    ☺
  • Judy has gone on several sleepovers with one of our staff.
Miscellaneous Dog Updates
  • Fanny is still hanging out in Medical with her BFF Dutchess while her eye continues to heal.
  • Sharkey left a couple of days ago for some diagnostics but due to unexpected scheduling hiccups has had to stay for a few days.
  • Peaches spent most of the week in Medical as her skin needed attention.
  • Bagel had a good week in Reception.
  • Peanut and Hailee need your thoughts and prayers as they are struggling.
  • Dr Christine gave Rosco a dental this week.
  • Cassie’s incision from  her lipoma removal has healed well and she may get a surprise this coming week.
  • Lemy spent last week in Reception.
  • I will get a weight on Ellie this week.
More rain in the forecast for the coming week.
Until next week…..
Sally and the OFSDS Gang
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