Cat keeps things orderly at local train station

A furry feline is keeping a watchful eye on passengers as they go through the gates of a train station in Israel.

The cat in the video above lays on top of the ticket-reading machine, just watching as some passengers make it through the gates and as others fail.

The video was taken by Dan Kashani on Jan. 30 as he was going to work, using the train station in Petah-Tikva.

“I smiled when I saw it,” Kashani told MNN. “So I had to take out the camera and video it.”

Some people stop to give the kitty a scratch on the head and some don’t. However, the attention doesn’t stop this frisky feline from scanning the crowd of people as they enter the platform.

The kitty is cute in its own right, but you can’t help but sense a hint of judgmental tone for the people whose passes won’t let them through the gates.

Kashani posted the video with the text, “It’s a cat and so I expect this video to be viral.” Little did he know that days later, his video would have over 5 million views.

The popularity of the cat even reached the government offices of Petah-Tikva. The mayor of the city, Rami Greenberg, took time out of his day to go visit the now famous cat, thanking the feline for bringing more attention to Petah-Tikva. (He also brought her some goodies, as you can see in the second video below.)

Kashani says he thinks the video went viral simply because it involved a cat — and it showed how people interacted differently with the feline and how some passengers couldn’t figure out the train ticketing system.

This isn’t the first time Kashani has had something cat-related go viral on the internet. The flow chart below was shared thousands of times a couple of years ago as well. He originally wrote it in Hebrew, but eventually translated it to English due to its popularity.

They just like to knock stuff over The flow chart of cats. (Photo: Dan Kashani)

We think it’s safe to say cats are some of the most interesting animals on Earth, always finding ways to bring a smile to our faces.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Cat keeps things orderly at local train station

A cat in Israel sitting on one of the turnstile gates to a train station is becoming famous, thanks to this viral video.

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