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Photographer creates mind-bending portraits of fascinating landscapes

Photographer Aydin Büyüktas captures the world as if a bird were swooping over a landscape, constantly recording as it soars. His surreal imagery — created with the help of drone photography — is inspired by a sci-fi love cultivated from his childhood growing up in Turkey.

His mind-bending art features landscapes taken over Turkey and various locations throughout the United States.

Büyüktas says he read science and technology magazines, as well as the work of science-fiction writers such as Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells, when he was young.

“These books helped me to question subjects like wormholes, black holes, parallel universes, gravitation and the bending of space and time,” he told MNN via email from Istanbul.

Konya, Turkey

Konya, Turkey (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Büyüktas said he was reading “Hyperspace” by American theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, who cited examples from Edwin Abbot’s satirical science fiction novella, “Flatland.” And that gave him an idea.

“I was very impressed by the book written in 1884 exemplifying the difficulties in comprehending the way of interconnecting the dimensions and the inter-dimensional transition,” Büyüktas says. “The idea of bending space on images and the thought that I could see Istanbul with this logic met up at that time.”

Bridge in San Saba, Texas

Bridge in San Saba, Texas (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

As Büyüktas became more interested in visual effects and animation, “the idea of realizing the surrealistic places which I have been dreaming of since my childhood, came to my mind.”

The images were shot in Turkey and the U.S. Büyüktas said he went “looking for places that create rhythm, patterns and lines for perspective.” He said he prefers these sorts of places because they give the feeling “like living in my dreams.”

Bayou Vista, Texas

Bayou Vista, Texas (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

There are bridges and bayous, stadiums and cemeteries, roads and railway tracks.

Each image was created from at least 17 photos, shot by a drone, then combined in post-production in a digital collage to create a “soft-bended perspective.” The images are featured in his aptly named new book, “Flatland” by Lannoo Publishers.

Train yard in Houston

Train yard in Houston (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Büyüktas hopes readers will take more from seeing the photographs than simply enjoying imaginative photography.

“Most of us are like people who have fallen into a river and cannot swim in the lives we are living in. We are only trying to survive. We can’t observe what happens at the edge or in the vicinity of the river,” he says.

“If we could at least distance ourselves from our daily lives and observe our surroundings in a different way, maybe then we could see a quite different world.”

Mersin, Turkey

Mersin, Turkey (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

You can follow Büyüktas’ work on Instagram, Facebook and on his website.

Fenerbahce Stadium, Istanbul

Fenerbahce Stadium, Istanbul (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

St. Johns, Arizona

St. Johns, Arizona (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Bursa, Turkey

Bursa, Turkey (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Nipton, California

Nipton, California (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Deming, New Mexico

Deming, New Mexico (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Football field in San Angelo, Texas

Football field in San Angelo, Texas (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Cemetery in Galveston, Texas

Cemetery in Galveston, Texas (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Bay City, Texas

Bay City, Texas (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

Konya, Turkey

Konya, Turkey, amusement park (Photo: Aydin Büyüktas/’Flatland’)

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