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Letter to the editor: For those still skeptical about global warming – Glens Falls Post-Star

For those residents of the Adirondacks for whom the bitter cold spells this winter have led to some skepticism regarding the reality of global warming, you should know that a recently released map of the temperature anomalies that occurred during 2018 indicate the following: Significantly warmer than average temperatures occurred in both north and south polar regions, northern China and eastern Siberia, much of Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. The largest cold anomaly occurred in the North Atlantic with a smaller cold anomaly located in Northern Quebec, leaving much of Ontario, Eastern and Central Canada, Northeastern and North Central U. S. showing average to cooler than average temperatures. The marked cooling of the North Atlantic is ascribed to the continued excessive melting of the glaciers in Greenland and the Northeastern Canadian Provinces. This latter phenomenon is also linked, at least in part, to a continuing slowing of the northward flow of the warm Gulf Stream.

Wes Dingman, North Creek