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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: February 2019


Breezy caravan-inspired annex uses passive design for thermal comfort

In Melbourne, Australia, a 1960s family home has been updated with a new contemporary extension that draws inspiration from a traveling caravan. Flanked by lush greenery, the Bent Annexe is filled with natural light and designed to follow passive solar principles for energy efficiency. The modern addition was designed by Australian architectural practice BENT Architecture for an outdoor-loving family of four and their two active Dachshunds. The primary goal of the Bent Annexe was to open…

Another 'Starman' will cruise the skies aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon

For the second time in just over a year, SpaceX is sending a humanoid mannequin into the heavens. The private space company has announced that the demonstration mission of its first Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS)…

Dueling singing mice from Costa Rica belt out ballads like no other

Travel to the misty cloud forests of Costa Rica, and you might find yourself being serenaded by some of the most tuneful vocal virtuosos in the animal kingdom: Alston’s singing mice. Don’t judge them by their size; these tiny divas…

Fish are in hot water: Climate change shrinking fish populations worldwide, study says – USA TODAY

CLOSE New research says that catch and release may spell doom for hooked fish. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details. Buzz60 Some species of fish are in hot water – literally. Warming oceans from human-caused climate change has shrunk the populations…


10 easy eco-friendly home decor tips

Decorating a home is intimidating enough without taking the environment into account, but choosing eco-friendly decor will be more beneficial in the long run. Here are some simple tips and rules for green alternatives in home decorating that will help reduce that carbon footprint and even save some money along the way. Perks of vintage The simplest way to positively affect the environment with your home decor choices is to buy pre-used. Some people even prefer a more wear-and-tear and the popular…

Climate change is shifting productivity of fisheries worldwide

Fish provide a vital source of protein for over half the world’s population, with over 56 million people employed by or subsisting on fisheries. But climate change is beginning to disrupt the complex, interconnected systems that underpin this major source of food.

Breaking! Tesla Doubling Its Supercharging & Destination Charging Locations In California

The Tesla Model 3 is selling like gangbusters, quickly ramping up production and sales from next to nothing to churning out 5,000 vehicles per week* by the end of 2018. That flood of new Teslas is starting to put a strain on Tesla’s Supercharging network and has owners looking for solutions to their charging woes. *This statement has not been approved by the

Why our chickens and our spinach need GPS trackers

It’s almost impossible to write about GPS tracking devices on the ankles of chickens without bringing up the now famous (at least in the sustainable food world) “Colin the Chicken” sketch on “Portlandia.” In the comedy show’s debut episode, Fred…

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