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Month: January 2019

AP FACT CHECK: Global warming hasn’t gone away despite cold – KUTV 2News

by SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer President Donald Trump waves as he walks through the Colonnade from the Oval Office of the White House on arrival to announce a deal to temporarily reopen the government, Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, from…


Toxic smog causes school closures in Bangkok

Officials in Bangkok have closed schools for the rest of the week amid growing concerns of toxic smog. The Ministry of Education in Thailand announced the closing of around 450 schools in Bangkok and surrounding area this week as the government tries to deal with a massive pollution problem. The air quality in the city of Bangkok has dipped to unacceptable levels. The amount of dust particles — also referred to as PM2.5 — deemed dangerous to health has far exceeded acceptable standards. PM2.5…

6 zero-proof cocktails for your Super Bowl Party

I spent a few weeks going from bar to bar in Philadelphia this past December, doing research on a magazine piece I was writing. I noticed that non-alcoholic cocktails — aka zero-proof cocktails, aka ABV-free cocktails, aka mocktails (although thankfully,…

Passing aircraft wring extra snow and rain out of clouds

Planes flying over rain or snow can intensify the precipitation by as much as 10-fold, according to a new study. The rain- and snow-bursts are not caused by emissions from the aircraft but are the peculiar consequence of the aircrafts’ wings passing though clouds of supercooled water droplets in cloud layers above a layer of active rain or snow.

European waters drive ocean overturning, key for regulating climate

An international study reveals the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, which helps regulate Earth’s climate, is highly variable and primarily driven by the conversion of warm, salty, shallow waters into colder, fresher, deep waters moving south through the Irminger and Iceland basins. This upends prevailing ideas and may help scientists better predict Arctic ice melt and future changes in the ocean’s ability to mitigate climate change by storing excess atmospheric carbon.

Male birth control for the malaria parasite

Disrupting two genes involved in the preservation of RNA molecules inhibits the ability of the male form of the malaria parasite to mature and be transmitted from human blood into mosquitoes, interrupting a key stage in the parasite’s life-cycle and cutting off an important step in the spread of the disease.

What is a snow squall?

One minute it’s sunny — albeit frigid — outside and the next you can’t even see two feet in front of you due to strong winds blowing snow every which way. And then, just as quickly as it arrived, the…

Judge Skewers PG&E Over Wildfires: ‘Global Warming Is Not Starting These Fires’

A federal judge reprimanded Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), California’s largest utility, for its role in starting deadly wildfires across California in the past two years. U.S. District Judge William Alsup opened a Wednesday court hearing by comparing PG&E to a…