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NOAA Issues Ignorant ‘Rebuttal’ Tweet To Trump

In an apparent rejoinder to President Trump joking about the current Arctic blast invading the Midwest, Great Plains, and Canada, NOAA tweeted that winter storms don’t prove global warming isn’t happening with a graphic that flouts their stupidity.

noaa tweet

As pointed out by other people who have some common sense, extremely cold air doesn’t hold a lot of moisture. 

And this Arctic blast holds very little:

Steve Goddard‏ @SteveSGoddard 16h16 hours ago

This is complete nonsense. The record cold air has an extremely low dew point, meaning it contains very small amounts of moisture. It is sad that government agencies like @NOAAcontinue to misinform the public.

So the graphic they’re using is ridiculous and shows just how inept the agency has become and how far from its purpose it has gone.

Steve Goddard‏ @SteveSGoddard 16h16 hours ago

Anyone who believes record cold air is coming from a warm melting Arctic, has no business discussing climate.

Oddly, this tweet was “interpreted” by the BBC as a “rebuttal” to Trump’s joke about the U.S. needing some global waming [sic] right about now:

trump tweet global warming needed

NOAA reports to Sec. Wilbur Ross, who apparently has no idea what is going on with the agencies under his purview. Other agencies also have this problem of not following the Trump administration’s views on climate change.

The EPA still has its climate-change activism featured prominently on its site. Same with the Departement of Energy.

At DOE, they even blame extreme weather on climate change even though there is zero evidence supporting such a claim. In fact, all the trend-line indicators show the exact is happening.

After two years, one has to wonder: Is Obama still president? No, but the reprobate’s legacy lives on.

The administration needs to start spelling out to its cabinet members what they expect the public to see (or not see) on agency websites. Or at least tell NOAA not to make public statements about the weather without running it by people who know something about the weather.

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