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Brexit – an environmental recap

Today is the latest, and not the last, in a series of momentous parliamentary days in shaping how, or perhaps if, we are leaving the EU.

A no-deal Brexit in 59 days’ time (at 11pm on my birthday – I resent that choice of date) will be a disaster for our environment. It will be a disaster because we will immediately lose some environmental legislative protection and will immediately lose the most powerful means of holding our government to account.

Our environmental and wildlife NGOs have played a tiny role in this debate and are effectively totally marginalised and out of the game on the most momentous decisions of our generation.

As I travel the country talking to people, mostly about the issue of driven grosue shooting, Brexit often comes up and I am slightly surprised by how nature lovers don’t have a clue about what the implications of Brexit are for the wildlife that they love. Brexit will be bad for wildlife, but a no-deal Brexit will be very, very bad.

Well done FoE for spelling out some of the case and for setting up this petition.

Do read the information presented here and sign the petition.


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