The Miseducation Of An Entire Generation: Climate Change

earth sun riseEspecially urgent is the need to get the truth into schools and universities, to correct the 30 years of damaging misinformation on the cause of climate change force-fed to our young people.

Besides this miseducation of an entire generation, be angry also for:

(1) being so completely misinformed and ill-advised by the insidious International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (run by the United Nations, need I say more?) and, in turn, by governments and the media, all of which have huge vested interests in promoting the ‘CO2 Delusion’ that man can affect climate (e.g. UN quest for global governance; more laws; ever-increasing taxes; university research grants; researcher salaries; etc.);

(2) the forcing upon us of unnecessary and ineffectual wind ‘farms’ and solar ‘parks’ (note the feel-good names; government thinks we’re stupid), not only wrecking the scenery (see formerly gorgeous Cornwall and weep) and killing birds, but also destroying irreplaceable agricultural land;

(3) being forced to pay far too much for energy (much worse to come), to cover the construction/installation costs and hopeless inefficiency of these ‘renewable’ wind and solar projects.

Climate change is driven by the sun, not CO2 (see links below). Please don’t misunderstand – real environmental pollution (plastics, vehicle emissions inhaled by city-dwellers, chemical leaks, etc.) is a very different matter. All geologists adore and care deeply for the environment.

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