Global warming is the hot topic in Australia – The Times

They see themselves as active, bronzed, outdoorsy people but the stifling heat has driven Australians indoors.

The country now has 15 million air conditioners installed, although there are less than ten million homes — a mindset reinforced by this week’s record heat. In Adelaide, the temperature reached 46.6C. In some areas of the Outback temperatures hit 49C.

The cost of a cooler life indoors has been exposed by academics at the University of Western Sydney, who found that urban planners were neglecting tree plantings, public shelters, water fountains and shady benches.

“School-aged children come straight home after school, rather than riding their bikes, just to chill, “ said Dr Louise Crabtree. “The sobering reality we confront is an Australia where 50C summer days may become a…

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