Burns night

Don’t be a ‘wee, sleekit, cowrin, timrous beestie‘ stand up for the environment and be a man (or woman) for ‘A Man’s a Man for a’ that‘.

Burning of heather moorland for the pointless and destructive hobby of intensive grouse shooting is one type of Burns that we should not celebrate tonight.

Heather burning damages protected blanket bog habitats, increases flood risk (because burned water catchments shed water faster than those manged properly) and increases water treatment costs, pushing up our water bills.

Robert Burns would probably appreciate the fact that the Scottish Government is moving to study the economic consequences of grouse shooting but he wouldn’t be impressed by the idleness of Defra down in London.

Give Michael Gove a shove!

Please sign Les Wallace’s epetition for a proper economic study of grouse shooting and the burning mismanagement on which it depends – please sign this epetition.


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