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Meet Remy, Harvard University's favorite cat

Technically, Remy the cat doesn’t live at Harvard University.

The 4-year-old orange tabby has a loving family (and a home) about a mile away from the edge of campus. But his owners know the kitten likes to stroll, and his favorite haunts are the nearby vaunted buildings and Ivy League green space.

“He has been in student dorms, at parties, attended lectures, and taken photos with tourists in Harvard Yard,” his owner, Cambridge resident Sarah Watton, tells The Harvard Gazette.

Remy on doorstep All doors on campus are open to Remy the Harvard cat. (Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard University)

Watton said her family originally tried to walk Remy on a leash, but he would have none of that and always managed to find a way to escape. He always comes home eventually — but only after sauntering around campus, making friends and visiting his favorite hangouts. Remy has become so popular that he has his own Facebook page, which has more than 4,100 followers.

Remy helps with mail. Remy oversees outgoing and incoming mail at Harvard’s History and Literature Department. (Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard University)

Remy followers post photos of the cat napping in offices, visiting labs and staking claims to boxes throughout campus. Fans are excited about Remy sightings, often posing for selfies with the famous feline.

However, it appears not everyone on campus is aware of Harvard’s renowned visitor. Law professor Annette Gordon-Reed tweeted a photo of Remy sauntering along a hallway in the law school, saying it was the first time she had seen the cat.

The tweet inspired a Twitter moment, which brought even more attention to the collegiate cat.

Remy makes a face outside the Harvard Faculty Club. Remy chews on some grass outside the Harvard Faculty Club. (Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard University)

Remy once went missing for several weeks, according to the Gazette, and his owners used his Facebook page to help locate him. These days, he wears a GPS tracker on his collar. But there are still his legions of friends and followers who help keep an eye on him wherever he meanders on campus.

Says Watton, “We really appreciate Remy’s community and the love and happiness he spreads wherever he goes!”

Remy takes a stroll Remy takes a stroll. (Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard University)

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes about everything from health to parenting — and anything that helps explain why her dog does what he does.

Meet Remy, Harvard University’s favorite cat

An orange tabby cat named Remy is a regular fixture on the Harvard campus.

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