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Let the Super Bowl ad sneak peeks begin

Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta may not kick off until the evening of Feb. 3, but that’s not holding companies back from giving fans a taste of the commercials that will entertain the more than 100 million who tune in. With a 30-second spot estimated to cost north of $5 million, big names like Pepsi and Budweiser generally debut their ads online a few days early, while others build the buzz with teasers.

Below are just a few of the full Super Bowl ads and teasers we’ve collected over the last two days. As we get closer to kickoff, many more will be revealed, so check back with us for updates. (We want you to be well-versed before the big game.)

Budweiser | Wind Never Felt Better

After a noticeable absence last year, Budweiser’s beloved Clydesdale horses are back for a beautiful ad showcasing the brewery’s commitment to using renewable energy.

“We’re committed to 100 percent of our purchased electricity coming from renewable resources by 2025,” Angie Slaughter, vp of sustainability at Anheuser-Busch, told AdWeek. “For us, in North America, we’re halfway there, and because of that, our Budweiser brand is already at 100 percent in terms of the electricity that they use. So, it’s a great way to bring it to our consumers and teach them about what we are doing on the sustainability front.”

Bob Dylan fans, this one’s for you.

Devour Frozen Foods | Food Porn

Devour, Kraft-Heinz’s frozen food brand, decided to leverage the trendy “food porn” scene for a hilarious, if not racy, Super Bowl spot. As the company discovered, however, you can’t say “porn” in a Super Bowl ad; so they’ll be releasing both a censored and an uncensored version (above) for the big game.

Olay | Killer Skin

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, best known for her role as Buffy Summers in the hit series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is set to appear in makeup brand Olay’s first-ever Super Bowl spot. While we only have a few teasers to go by, the bizarre spot appears reminiscent of slasher movies like “Scream,” with a woman being stalked by some kind of villain. How this applies to skin care remains to be seen…

M&M’s Candy | Lock Game

What happens when actress Christina Applegate gets into a “locked car” game with M&M’s? We have no idea, but it’s likely just as frustrating as when our children try the same thing.

Avocados from Mexico | Chorus

Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth stars in Avocados from Mexico’s latest Super Bowl spot, in which she attempts to teach a trio of pups how to sing. We’re not exactly sure if it will convince you to whip up some guacamole, but as history shows, you can’t go wrong with showcasing animals during the Super Bowl.

Colgate | Close Talker

If you’ve ever interacted with a “close talker,” you’re going to love this 30-second Colgate spot featuring actor Luke Wilson.

Doritos | Now It’s Hot

Backstreet’s Back, alright! Doritos is reuniting one of the hottest boy bands of the late ’90s/early 2000s and adding in the modern addition of Chance the Rapper. We have no idea how this one will pan out, but the ad will reportedly revolve around the release of Doritos’ new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor.

Pringles | Weather

What if your Amazon Echo or Google Home assistant suddenly decided to start sharing some deep thoughts? Pringles will explore the emotional side of artificial intelligence in its series of spots for the big game.

Kia Motors | Great Unknowns

Instead of spending millions on celebrity endorsements, as it has for previous spots during the Super Bowl, Kia Motors this year is putting all that green towards a scholarship campaign. Called “The Great Unknowns Scholarship,” the full commercial on Feb. 3 will reportedly tell students how to apply for assistance toward affording higher education. If you think you might be one of them, check out the official site here.

WeatherTech | Scout: Working for the Weekend

Car accessories giant WeatherTech is betting on a golden retriever named Scout for its latest Super Bowl ad. While a teaser is presently only available, the company is promising a 45-second version on game day.

Pepsi | Steve Carrell’s Decision

If Steve Carrell finds it funny, we’re hopeful the rest of us will feel the same.

Let the Super Bowl ad sneak peeks begin

From food porn to renewable energy, the first glimpses of ads for the big game are here.

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