Man fulfills goal of dancing with 1,000 people around the world

Matt Bray’s goal is to live life to the fullest while having fun. As he works to achieve that goal, he created the Project One Life YouTube channel to show off his adventures.

His latest project took over a year and a half, and it involved some serious moving and shaking all over the world. His video “1000 People of Dance” features men and women from Paris, Sydney and many other places around the globe grooving with him to music.

“I document myself having a blast with my friends crossing things off my bucket list,” Bray writes on his YouTube channel.

This video of people dancing all over the world — like his dozens of other videos over the past six years — is very upbeat.

It’s impressive to see all the locations he visited to shoot the video, and it’s fun to try to guess them all as you watch. It is also entertaining to see the smiles on the random people’s faces he dances with as they break out some old and new moves.

“Wow, can’t believe this video is finally done. Thank you to every single stranger I meet along the way who danced, helped film, let me crash at their place,” Bray said in a comment below the video. “This is my favorite video I think I have ever made and I really hope it makes some people smile!”

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Man fulfills goal of dancing with 1,000 people around the world

This project of positivity resulted in a global dance video that will make you smile.

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