For First Time Ever, Renewables Overtake Coal As #1 Energy Source in ‘Europe’s Biggest Economy’

For the first time ever, renewable energy sources have overtaken coal as the leading source of power in Germany.

In 2018, studies show that wind, solar, biomass, and hydro power sources produced 4.3% more power than they did in 2017, accounting for 40% of the nation’s total energy output.

The increase marks an exciting improvement from renewables producing only 19.1% of their power in 2010.

Coal burning, on the other hand, accounted for only 38% of the nation’s energy in 2018.

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With a 5.4% increase, Reuters says that wind power contributed 20.4% of German power output, making it the second largest source of energy in the country at 111 terawatts of electricity.

The data reflects a milestone in Germany’s ambitious goal of having renewable energy sources account for 65% of their energy output by 2030.

Come February, the German coal commission will be presenting its plan to phase out coal energy for good.

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