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This Week on Explore (1/4)

Happy New Year! We are so excited to be starting 2019 off with a BANG! Bella the Hummingbird is back…and with TWO newly laid eggs! Watch here every day as we wait for new hummingbird chicks to arrive!

bella two eggs hummingbird 2019


Bergin University has welcome a brand new litter! Nadine, a first time mom, has given birth to eight healthy pups. These puppies will go on to become future service dogs! Watch here!



Every December, gray seals come onshore to give birth to little seal pups. We have the absolute pleasure of being able to watch the miracle of life right from the comfort of our homes. Watch as these gray seal pups wean off their mothers and begin their adventure out to sea here!

Gray Seal Pup in the Sun


Looking for a way to stay warm this winter? Come join us every morning and every evening for the coziest sunsets from around the world!



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