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Month: January 2019

Why sleeping helps you heal when you're sick

The reason why we sleep remains one of the most elusive mysteries in science. Theories abound, but the fact is that little is known about what genetic or molecular forces drive the need to sleep, and we still don’t know…


Ghost gear is haunting our oceans

Fishing gear isn’t only deadly when there’s a fisherman at the other end of the line. Lost and abandoned equipment continues to kill, rampaging beneath the ocean’s surface, tangling fish, drowning seabirds and smothering reefs. This ghost gear haunts common and endangered species indiscriminately. According to a UN Environment and FAO report, another 640,000 tons of ghost gear is added to the undersea dump each year. In Southeast India, workers at the Suganthi Devadason Marine Research…

Opinion | Get out of the cold and think about global warming –

It was easy to blame nature for the historic — and dangerous — deep freeze that gripped central North America this week. But should we also blame ourselves? That this was not your regular January cold snap was obvious to…


Solar protective glass gives the iceberg-like Hercule home a mirrored finish

Modern, monolithic and minimalist, Hercule is a single-family home designed like an iceberg: the bulk of the building is hidden while the visible portion emerges out of the ground like the tip of an iceberg. Named after local hero John “Hercule” Gruen for its “robust strength,” the house located in Mondorf-les-bains in the south of Luxembourg is the recently completed work of local architecture practice 2001. Embedded into the sloped terrain, the concrete dwelling further immerses itself…

Climate change could make corals go it alone

Climate change is bad news for coral reefs around the world, with high ocean temperatures causing widespread bleaching events that weaken and kill corals. However, new research has found that corals with a solitary streak — preferring to live alone instead of in reef communities — could fare better than their group-dwelling relatives.

Warmer water, chemical exposure influence gene expression across generations in a coastal fish

Warmer water temperatures, combined with low-level exposure to chemicals already known to be harmful to aquatic life, influence the expression of genes in the offspring of an abundant North American fish species — and threaten organisms whose sex determination is sensitive to water temperature.

Replenish: The Unsung 'R'

When it comes to sustainable living, you know about the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. But how much do you know about the fourth R, replenish? It’s an important part of the equation, and one you can put into practice…

Polar vortex and Australian drought signs that extreme weather is new normal – Quartz

Welcome to the era of extreme weather. If you live in the US Midwest, you’re likely accustomed to laughing in the face of winter snow, ice, and freezing winds. But even the hardiest Midwesterner isn’t used to temperatures (including wind…


A new Polish film has exposed the illegal trafficking of sick cattle

After a film broadcast on Polish TVN 24 revealed that a slaughterhouse was illegally trafficking sick cattle, Polish police have launched an investigation into the matter. The film showed secret footage of cows too sick to stand being dragged into the plant, as well as slaughterhouse workers cutting carcasses at night “to avoid official supervision.” With no way of knowing where the meat went, the scandalous footage could end up being as serious as the 2013 EU horsemeat scandal that exposed…