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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Year: 2019

Enel Will Bring Almost 1 Gigawatt Of Clean Electricity Online In US During 2020

Enel Green Power North AmericaEnel Green Power North America is on pace to bring almost a gigawatt of zero emissions electricity to the United States in 2020. Why does a foreign corporation see opportunities in America that US companies do not?

Science Panel Staffed With Trump Appointees Says E.P.A. Rollbacks Lack Scientific Rigor

They saw “significant weaknesses in the scientific analysis of the proposed rule” to roll back vehicle emission standards, a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s effort to combat climate change. As for the proposal to limit scientific data in health regulations,…

2019 From The View Of Tesla Road Trips

2019 has been the year of epic Tesla road trips and adventures. We have seen Teslas exploring in the Arctic Circle, all over Norway, in the Scottish highlands, and pretty much all over the world

No More Phones and Other Tech Predictions for the Next Decade

So here is 2019 in its last moments: The actress Sharon Stone gets kicked off a dating app for being herself, while the ever-screechy President Trump gets to stay on Twitter after retweeting fake accounts and links that appear to…

Greta Thunberg: A Living Example Of The Left’s Beliefs

It is not easy to understand what the left — as opposed to liberals — stands for. If you ask a Christian what to read to learn the basics of Christianity, you will be told the Bible. If you ask…

Bloomberg News: Worst-Case Scenario For Climate Change Not ‘Realistic’

You know it’s a cold day in hell when a liberal outlet like Bloomberg News is critiquing the left’s climate armageddon. Bloomberg Opinion columnist Noah Smith explained how the “Worst Case for Climate Change Doesn’t Look Realistic.” His Dec. 23…

2019: The Year Of Peak Green Bullsh*t

2019 was the most extraordinary year of green bullshit yet. Despite the planet being a wealthier, healthier and safer place than it was when fears of global warming first appeared on the political agenda in the 1980s – and despite…

Merkel’s New Year’s Speech Calls for Action on Climate and Tolerance

BERLIN — The coming decade will be a hopeful one if the people of Germany come together to fight climate change, support development in Africa, and thwart hate and anti-Semitism at home, Chancellor Angela Merkel told her nation on Tuesday…

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