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Year: 2019

Cattle Egrets breed in Northants

This blog is based on Mike Alibone’s blog on the same subject – a must read every week (or more) for Northants birders and with enough interesting information to be of wider than local interest. I’ve become a little blase…

Startup Aims to Tackle Grid Storage Problem with New Porous Silicon Battery

A Canadian company emerges from stealth mode to provide grid-scale energy storage with its high-density battery tech. A new Canadian company with roots in Vermont has emerged from stealth mode and has ambitious plans to roll out a new grid-scale…

Scotland’s Wind Farms Generate Enough Electricity to Power Nearly 4.5 Million Homes

Wind turbines in Scotland produced enough electricity in the first half of 2019 to power every home in the country twice over, according to new data by the analytics group WeatherEnergy.  The wind farms generated 9,831,320 megawatt-hours between January and…

Leaked UN Science Report Warns of Clash Between Bioenergy and Food

Models suggest large areas of land are needed for forests and biofuel crops to halt climate change, but this risks worsening hunger, draft tells policymakers. Blanketing the globe with monocultures of forests and bioenergy crops is no dream fix to…

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Ahead Of Schedule — July 17th Update

Twitter user “Vincent” is well known for sharing knowledge about the going-ons of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory — information that he gets from Chinese media and social media connections in China. Earlier today, he posted a thread of tweets detailing a meeting between Tesla’s Global Vice President, Tao Lin, and a journalist with the Chinese media

Tesla Recalibrates Model 3 Pricing & Adds RWD Option For Aussie Customers

Tesla just rolled out a series of updates to the Model 3 configurator that lowered prices across the board in many countries. The new change was accompanied by a flip flop on the base color of all of Tesla’s vehicles — from black to “pearl white.” It is now an extra $750 to add black but no extra charge to choose white. Grey (“midnight silver metallic”) and blue (“deep blue metallic”) cost $1000 and red costs $

Philosophers claim global warming makes having children immoral – The Irish Times

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that if we fail to prevent global warming rising by more than 1.5 degrees over pre-industrial world temperature, our children and grandchildren will inherit catastrophic global environmental problems. Actions to date to slow…