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The Joy of Holding a Book Will Never Go Out of Style: Sales Improve for Fifth Year in a Row

While some zealous literary fans may have been worried about the declining popularity of printed books in the face of e-readers entering the market, these reports say that you have nothing to fear.

Research from the NDP Bookscan, a system that records over 80% of American book purchases, shows that printed book sales rose by 1.9% last year, followed by a further increase of 2% during the first half of 2018.

The data continues the 5-year trend of improving book sales, with a collective increase of 10.8% more books being sold since 2013.

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Additionally, book sales are projected to continue improving every year. In 2022, consumers around the world are expected to spend roughly $50.3 billion on printed and audiobooks – which is $2.5 billion more than what was spent in 2017.

Some studies show that people are maintaining their love of printed books because they don’t contribute to excessive screen exposure; people prefer having physical ownership of something they value; and readers are also more likely to remember information from printed sources, rather than screens.

Other consumers also feel that it sets a good example for kids, as growing up surrounded by books has been shown to have positive lasting effects on the mind.

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