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Month: November 2017


Homemade Honey Vanilla Marshmallows (Corn Syrup & Egg Free)

Homemade Honey Vanilla Marshmallows (Corn Syrup & Egg Free)

What goes better with a steaming cup of hot cocoa or a cozy fire than marshmallows, right?

Unfortunately for the person with food sensitivities, the average store-bought marshmallow can be problematic. I mean, aside from the nasty GMO corn or wheat syrup, why exactly does a white marshmallow need FD&C Blue No. 5, anyway?

These whole food, homemade marshmallows have none of the unnecessary artificial colors, flavors or chemical stabilizers, nor any of the refined, GMO sugars that are in the store-bought variety. In face, all you need to make these yummy, honey-sweetened marshmallows are simple ingredients: Purified water, grass-fed gelatin, honey, maple syrup, real vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt.

Homemade marshmallows are really easy to make but you will need a candy thermometer to make sure the syrup gets to just the right temperature. You can find them easily at most kitchen goods stores or online. Also, you’ll want an upright stand mixer or old-fashioned hand mixer to make quick work of your marshmallows!

For the best s’mores ever, toast these babies up and smush them between gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies. They are also outstanding in hot cocoa or masala chai tea.

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