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Month: October 2016


Save Face with These DIY Organic Makeup Alternatives

Save Face with These DIY Organic Makeup Alternatives

Every individual is perfect in their own way, but that doesn’t mean that occasionally you won’t feel the need for a rosy cheek, a smokey eye, or a glossy lip! The majority of cosmetics contain chemicals and toxins that could potentially harm you, your skin, and age you ahead of your years. So why are we condoning toxic products that’ve been tested on animals when we can have our own makeup, and eat it too!

I challenge you to substitute at least one product in your makeup bag for one of these all-natural and organic makeup alternatives for one week! Using ingredients from your kitchen and local farmer’s market you can make and replace everything in your makeup bag!

More Than Skin-Deep

So what do you really have in your makeup bag? Have you ever thought to check the ingredients per product to see what they mean? Believe it or not the effects of makeup on your health are more serious than you may think.

Your makeup bag holds everything from asbestos to lead, and even more horrors in between! You will find that several of the ingredients in your makeup bag act as stabilizers for industrial cleaners and pesticides.

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