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The Future Of Academic Freedom Rests With Australia’s High Court

Scott Morrison once stated that he was unconcerned about ongoing attacks on free speech because he thought that free speech “does not create a single job.” Well, prime minister, it is now patently clear that people can lose their job…

New Climate Report: Meat, Livestock Have Little Climate Impact

American ranchers and U.S. meat consumption have virtually no impact on greenhouse gas emissions or climate, reports a compelling new climate summary. The new climate summary, “Climate at a Glance: Livestock and Methane,” documents that cattle and beef account for…


EXTREME WEATHER: Shelters stay empty as Isaias barrels up coast

People in the path of Hurricane Isaias are shunning emergency shelters as officials from Florida to North Carolina have urged evacuating residents to stay with friends or relatives instead or to rent hotel rooms.

Elon Musk Says “Highly Likely” Will Offer Smaller Tesla Cybertruck “Down The Road” For Europe

In a Twitter thread following an article CleanTechnica published approximately an hour ago, a European gentleman asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk if Tesla would consider offering a smaller Cybertruck for people in Europe (and elsewhere) who love the design and features of that vehicle but