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CWU included in large global warming research project – NBC Right Now

ELLENSBURG – Seven institutions in the country will participate in a global warming research project spanning multiple countries; and one of the chosen institutions is our own Central Washington University (CWU). The research project received some of its funding from…

Guest Opinion: Class and climate change: A wealth tax would justifiably target carbon-indulgent Boulder – Boulder Daily Camera

By Tom Mayer Informed people know a lot about climate change. They are probably familiar with national differences in greenhouse gas emissions. They may know that North America is responsible for 27%, Europe is responsible for 22%, and China is…

Climate change hits home for Latinos – Axios

Latinos in the fight against climate change will gather this week during a virtual summit highlighting the community’s growing environmental activism. The big picture: Climate change and pollution have outsized impacts on communities of color in the U.S. Unsafe water…

Watch the Path of a Raindrop From Anywhere in the World

Have you ever wondered how far raindrops travel after they fall upon the heights of Kilimanjaro? On the off chance you’re dying to know, some curious cartographers have created a mapping tool that visualizes the path a raindrop will take to the sea from anywhere on Earth. River Runner Global is a free, open-source tool […]

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It’s Okay To Look Up, Climate Change Not Poised To End The World

A Google news search for the phrase “climate change” this morning revealed this headline from Yahoo News: “Look up! The planet-busting threat called climate change is already here.” The headline is both true and false. Climate change is here, being…

Exxon Sets a 2050 Goal for Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

HOUSTON — Exxon Mobil, under increasing pressure from investors to address climate change, announced on Tuesday that it had the “ambition” to reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 2050. The oil company, the largest in the…

Climate change exposes older adults to more of these health hazards—here’s how to prepare – MarketWatch

This article is reprinted by permission from With over one-third of California long-term care communities located in areas that are at high risk for fire, it would be difficult to find someone more on edge than a long-term-care facility operator during California’s…

México apuesta por el petróleo y compra una refinería en Texas

DEER PARK, Texas — Dos murales gigantescos, pintados en los tanques de almacenamiento de una refinería de petróleo de esta ciudad, representan a los rebeldes liderados por Sam Houston que lograron la independencia de Texas de México en la década…

Mexico Is Buying a Texas Oil Refinery in a Quest for Energy Independence

DEER PARK, Texas — Two giant murals, on storage tanks at an oil refinery here, depict the rebels led by Sam Houston who secured Texas’ independence from Mexico in the 1830s. This week those murals will become the property of…

One of the Largest ‘Sea Dragon’ Fossils Ever Found in Britain Unearthed As a Complete Ichthyosaur

A fossil of a giant sea reptile found in England is being called the greatest find in the history of British paleontology. A complete ichthyosaur skeleton from tooth to tail was discovered in the mud of a lagoon in Rutland Water Nature Reserve. It’s is in such pristine condition that it looks as if it […]

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