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‘Like Trash in a Landfill’: Carbon Dioxide Keeps Piling Up in the Atmosphere

Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached their annual peak last month, and once again were the highest in human history. Despite the economic collapse resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to sharp declines in carbon dioxide…


Vital buffers against climate change are just offshore

A new study finds that about 31 million people worldwide live in coastal regions that are ‘highly vulnerable’ to future tropical storms and sea-level rise driven by climate change. But in some of those regions, powerful defenses are located just offshore, in the forms of mangroves and coral reefs, key buffers that could help cushion the blow against future tropical storms and rising waters.

COVID Vs. Climate Models: Cloudy With A Chance Of Politics

COVID-19 has proved to be a crisis not only for public health but for public policy. As credentialed experts, media commentators, and elected officials have insisted that ordinary men and women heed “the science,” the statistical models cited by scientists…

Forest products help power local economies

In Virginia and North Carolina, forest products – including wood bioenergy – are among the most essential industries. In this time of uncertainty and upheaval, the stable, well-paying jobs and economic output of the forestry sector, as well as its…

‘2040’ Review: Tools to Fix the World, Already at Hand

If you can get past the ingratiating persona of its director and M.C., Damon Gameau, the documentary “2040” is an accessible and informative look at solutions to the climate crisis. The conceit is that Gameau, an Australian actor, envisions an…


EMISSIONS: Breakthrough helps scientists see CO2 from fossil fuels

Scientists have been using carbon-dating techniques for years to measure the age of Earth’s archaeological treasures. Now they’ve found a way to use it to identify sources of man-made carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Did galactic crash trigger solar system formation?

The formation of the sun, the solar system and the subsequent emergence of life on Earth may be a consequence of a collision between our galaxy – the Milky Way – and a smaller galaxy called Sagittarius.