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Why not bring a shelter dog home for the holidays?

As your family gathers together for the holidays this season, do you have space for one more? Some animal shelters are hoping that people will open their homes for a week or two to give homeless dogs a temporary break…

Black-throated finch wins 2019 Australian bird of the year

The black-throated finch has been voted “bird of the year” in Australia for 2019, helping draw attention to the species’ decline as human activities increasingly threaten its habitat. The finch’s victory was reportedly driven by support from conservationists, who connected…

Camel, cow and donkey found wandering in Kansas neighborhood

No doubt authorities in Goddard, Kansas, thought someone was about to tell a pretty corny joke. When they got a call about a camel, cow and donkey hanging out together in a neighborhood, there had to be a punchline. Were…


My winter morning and evening skin care routine

To be human is to want quick, easy fixes to what we perceive as our physical flaws. But great skin, like a toned physique or healthy hair, doesn’t happen by using one magical product for a couple days — it…

A cat was put in 'solitary confinement' for freeing his fellow felines

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the facilities at Friends for Life animal shelter in Houston. The room for senior cats is clean and spacious with plenty of food, water and toys. Humans and other felines provide lots of companionship and…

Global heating supercharging Indian Ocean climate system

Global heating is “supercharging” an increasingly dangerous climate mechanism in the Indian Ocean that has played a role in disasters this year including bushfires in Australia and floods in Africa. Scientists and humanitarian officials say this year’s record Indian Ocean…

ESA studies human hibernation for space travel

In movies and books, fictional astronauts enter ‘suspended animation’ to cross the vastness of space. Recently ESA investigated how real-life crew hibernation would impact a space mission to Mars.

Why Nile hasn’t changed course in 30 million years

Scientists say they’ve solved the geologic mystery of the Nile River’s unchanging path, and also discovered the river is about 30 million years old – 6 times older than previously believed.