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What are natural flavors vs. artificial flavors?

Check your pantry or nearly any grocery store shelf. Odds are, many of the items you find will list natural or artificial flavors in the ingredients. Of the two, natural flavor sounds more appealing. But what are natural flavors and…

It’s Summer! So Media Cooks Up False Scare On Heat Waves, Deaths

Alarmists and their media allies concocted another false global warming scare this week, claiming heat waves will kill thousands of people in the United States if we don’t act quickly and decisively to reduce global warming. NBC News and many…

Giant squid caught on camera in U.S. waters

[embedded content] When a team of 23 researchers lowered their specialized deep-sea camera into the water, they had no idea what they would find — or when — but they hoped to find something significant. It didn’t take long. After…

Does Amazon Prime have to be so wasteful?

Amazon Prime is an undeniable customer favorite. One of’s most popular options, Amazon Prime offers free one- or two-day shipping on many items, along with video and music streaming in addition to other services, all for $119 a year….

Global warming = more energy use = more warming – FRANCE 24

Date created : 24/06/2019 – 18:14 ADVERTISING Read more Paris (AFP) Even modest climate change will increase global energy demand by up to a quarter before mid-century, and by nearly 60 percent if humanity fails to curb greenhouse gas emissions,…

Boyan Slat's Ocean Cleanup project relaunches

A floating system of booms built to slowly but surely eradicate plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean has been redeployed after spending four months in the shop. The second deployment was a quieter affair than the first, when the much-lauded…

What if We Paid Farmers to Fight Global Warming? – The New York Times

How we address an expanding list of crises related to global warming is the most demanding question of our day. So far, our approaches have been piecemeal, enormously costly and largely unsuccessful. A common denominator for many of these crises…


This egg carton is made out of seeds that sprout when replanted

Greek designer George Bosnas has just unveiled the Biopack, a compact egg holder made out of cleared paper pulp, flour, starch and biological legume seeds. Instead of throwing out the container at the end of its use, it can be planted directly into the ground to sprout green plants.

Table salt compound spotted on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Europa has an ocean, hidden beneath its icy crust. The discovery of sodium chloride – aka table salt – on the moon’s surface might be strong evidence that Europa’s ocean is very similar to Earth’s.